About Our Training Programs

Get the information you need to start, grow and manage your business by attending one of our no-fee or low-cost workshops geared towards the small business owner’s experience. Our training topics range from basic start-up knowledge to technical financial assistance, strategic planning, leadership, marketing and more. Please note that all current workshops are being offered via webinar until further notice.

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If you recently attended one of our webinars and did not fill out an evaluation, feel free to either use the QR code below or visit https://bit.ly/WorkshopEvalUTSASBDC

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PLUS! Available Trainings Through South-West Texas Border SBDC Network

Online training that is easy to use, no-cost and available 24/7! Take advantage of our online training modules to improve your business acumen. There are over 29 modules to choose from!


Teach at the SBDC

The UTSA SBDC is looking for qualified, talented, and enthusiastic trainers willing to share their business expertise with seasoned entrepreneurs as well as those new to business ownership. If you have the right credentials and enjoy speaking in front of a group, download and email the form below to learn more about how you can be added to our lineup of business trainers!

How it works

1. Download the PDF teacher application form below.
2. Fill out the PDF form and include a list of specific topics and detailed outlines/agendas, including time allocations, for each section.
3. Email the form to Mariah Kilbourne at Mariah.Kilbourne@utsa.edu.
4. If you teach a topic that we think would be of interest to our clients, we will invite you to present a mock presentation to some of our staff members, similar to a dress rehearsal or dry run. If we like what we see, we will proceed with scheduling the seminar or workshop.

It’s important to remember that our events are strictly educational and not a forum to sell products, services, books, and/or training programs. One of the reasons our clients come to our events is that they know they will receive the most current information from a group of well-respected and informed instructors. You can see our complete schedule and get an idea of the types of topics we offer by visiting our current training schedule. Thank you for your interest!

Download the teacher application form here

Mariah Kilbourne

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