David Ramirez

David supports the training department by using data-driven marketing and communications. He also supports the SBDC by implementing initiatives that bridge new and traditional media. He keeps clients and stakeholders abreast of SBDC news and events through social media engagement and email communications.

David joined the SBDC in 2016. Prior to joining the SBDC, David consulted on special event management with a focus in communications and marketing. He has worked as a community organizer using data-driven tools to engage audiences. He’s also freelanced as a writer, researcher, curriculum developer, and communications coach across Texas and southern New Mexico. He earned a Bachelor’s in Multidisciplinary Studies from U.T. El Paso with a focus in Communications and Business Administration.

David is a avid fan of “geek” communities.  He spends his weekends planning and participating in fandom events such as anime and comic conventions.