Mireles Party Ice


Jesus Mireles IV, Vice President, Mireles Party Ice

Packing crushed ice into 40 lb. paper bags was the start of a family business that would grow to serve customers across Central and South Texas. In its early beginnings, Mireles Party Ice, owned and operated by Jesus “Jesse’” Mireles and wife, Melinda, was a grocery store that catered to the surrounding community and had a high volume of requests for kegs and ice. Although the store became the largest keg distributor in San Antonio, Jesse found greater value in focusing the business on ice manufacturing.

Through the 1980’s, the couple purchased ice blocks from local ice companies and packaged crushed ice in paper bags. By the 1990’s, Jesse had acquired two 2,400 lb. ice makers and in 2001, he built his first ice plant. With plans to hand down the family business to his son, Jesse Mireles IV, and daughters, Mireya and Bianca, Jesse IV assumed the role of vice president and contacted the San Antonio Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for assistance.

With the help of SBDC Business Advisor, John Warlow, the two worked on the company’s business plan, loan preparation, distribution forecasts and projections.  Since working with the SBDC, Mireles Party Ice has experienced great progress. The company secured a $2.5 million SBA loan and retained 35 jobs. Today, the business is in the midst of growing into its second location. With plans to shut down their original location, the new 26,000 square foot facility has the capacity to produce up to 350 tons of ice per day. Their new ice maker uses advanced technology to control the production line efficiently. In addition, the company’s 12 operating trucks deliver to a diverse client base including convenience stores, restaurants, bars, construction companies, airlines, food companies and more. By 2020, the company plans to expand its region farther South.

“The San Antonio SBDC provided comprehensive documentation and expertise to assist with the preparation of the business plan, which received numerous compliments.”