Client Success Story | Anchor Home Infusion Services, LLC

Melinda Salazar, Anchor Home Infusion

Melinda Salazar, CEO of Anchor Home Infusion Services, LLC, has spent more than 20 years of her life as a Registered Nurse (RN). During that time, she raised three children as a single mom and found that childcare was becoming more expensive than she could afford on part-time wages from home health. Melinda began contemplating a new career path that would allow more flexibility and possibly even allow her to take the children with her.

In 2018, Melinda attended a training workshop at UTSA SBDC that was led by Senior Business Advisor Crystal Darby. Having been introduced to our training and advising services, Melinda met with Crystal one-on-one in February 2018. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to pursue, but Crystal helped her talk through several possibilities of small business ownership. Melinda eventually decided that the path to the greatest success would be to start a business based on her RN and home health skills.   

Melinda worked closely with Crystal to find both legal and licensing resources for starting a home infusion service. Crystal also directed her to UTSA SBDC QuickBooks workshops, an attorney, and Deirdre Pattillo, a SBDC specialty center resource for human resources and hiring. In 2019, Melinda celebrated receiving her first signed contract with a specialty pharmacy and she officially started Anchor Home Infusion Services, LLC in February 2020. Anchor Home Infusion Services is committed to providing safe comprehensive therapy management for patients requiring IV or SC immunoglobulin therapy in the comfort of their own homes.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March of 2020 and patients were not able to receive infusions at a facility, Melinda’s services became high-demand. More clients were looking for treatments to be not only in-home, but COVID-safe. Melinda found great success through word-of-mouth and pharmacy referrals spurring a need to grow and hire a part-time position to help with the clients. Growing meant starting a home health agency so Crystal referred Melinda to a consultant, Candyce Slusher of Slusher Consulting, who helps with securing medical licensing required by the State of Texas (and is also a client of Crystal’s). By September 2020, Anchor Home Infusion Services became a licensed home health agency. Currently, Melinda has expanded to include one part-time nurse to help with her clients and is looking forward to a rewarding, compassionate and prosperous year.