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Client Spotlight: Ritchie Limb and Brace

Ritchie Limb and Brace

David and Lori Ritchie, owners of Ritchie Limb and Brace (RLB), have been seeking assistance from the UTSA Small Business Development Center since 2010.  RLB specializes in manufacturing custom-made prosthetic and orthotic devices, diabetic shoes, patient education and support in using the devices.  The company provides routine follow up to manage the patient’s care of devices. The stimulus for opening Ritchie Limb and Brace, LLC was due to David Ritchie’s father who had his left leg amputated when David was a teenager. Upon opening the original practice in Seguin in 2010, David realized his dream to help other people with similar conditions as his father.  The company’s recent expansion to the new location in New Braunfels, which opened in January 2015, continues to strengthen that mission.  Their services enable people with disabilities to maintain an active lifestyle, which directly helps them maintain their health.  This allows them to reduce the incidence of further major healthcare events.  The more active they are the better their health is. A properly fitting prosthesis will allow their patients to walk with safety and security.  The owners believe their business is a blend of healthcare and mechanics. The patients that they work with are in the middle of a healthcare crisis and they find it their duty to restore their abilities to ambulate.  Their intervention enables the patient to return to work, care for their family, maintain their own health, provides a sense of self-worth and overcome the feeling of being “disabled” and restore their feeling of independence.

RLB obtained a commercial loan in order to build the New Braunfels location. This included capital expenses such as computers and new equipment. They both attended marketing workshops at the SA SBDC to help with marketing their business. The company’s future plans include developing a wellness center focused around the person with amputation and other forms of disabilities.  Also providing advanced gait training classes. They also plan to open two more locations in the area to continue to increase their presence and provide convenient locations for their patients. Two new jobs were created and eight existing jobs were retained due to their business expansion in New Braunfels.

Ritchie Limb and Brace’s website:

“Wayne Looff has been a constant presence for us and has been available to discuss pending decisions such as personnel hiring, expanding the business and just being there for us when we felt lost. We can trust his judgment and advice.” David and Lori Ritchie