Annual Report

 Texas South-West Small Business Development Center Network

2021 Annual Report

Institute for Economic Development: A Powerhouse for Regeneration in 2021

2021 Annual Report

Highlights of our work and our client, 2A Energy Services

Highlights of our work, including partnerships in and around

San Antonio

The UTSA Small Business Development Center (UTSA SBDC) provided business advising and support to 2A Energy Services, LLC, a company that provides services and products to the well stimulation and completion processes in the Eagle Ford Shale.

Fostering economic development, creating a vibrant urban community, and preserving the culture, character, and history of the Westside of San Antonio is the mission of the Westside Development Corporation (WDC). Through a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the WDC, the UTSA Small Business Development Center (UTSA SBDC) is providing outreach, advising, and training to the business community at large within the WDC footprint. Currently, the Center is working with 127 Westside business clients.


The Westside Business Alliance (WBA) is leading an initiative of the Westside Development Corporation (WDC), which will connect business owners in the Westside with networks and resources that will positively impact their businesses as well as their communities. As a partner of this initiative, the UTSA Small Business Development Center (UTSA SBDC) will work towards helping local residents and business owners reimagine one of 10 major business corridors in the WDC footprint. A goal of the Legacy Corridor Initiative is to make Westside legacy businesses more resilient, thereby strengthening the overall community.

The UTSA Small Business Development Center (UTSA SBDC) provides advising and training services to entrepreneurs and businesses in Bexar County, as well as the surrounding contiguous counties. Due to high population growth and the demand for SBDC advising services in the area, the New Braunfels Economic Development Corporation created a business accelerator called the SPARK Small Business Center (SBC). New Braunfels, in partnership with Seguin, contracted the UTSA SBDC to provide its services through the SPARK office. Now in its ninth year of operation, the SPARK SBC/UTSA SBDC office in New Braunfels provides dedicated services to entrepreneurs in Comal and Guadalupe counties.

San Antonio for Growth on the Eastside (SAGE) champions investment that improves the quality of life for individuals, families, neighborhoods, and businesses on San Antonio’s Eastside. The second of their four guiding principles is to champion small business development; this is where the relationship with the UTSA Small Business Development Center (UTSA SBDC) comes in. The UTSA SBDC is a long term partner that helps SAGE live up to its principle of championing business development in a myriad of ways. A UTSA SBDC Senior Business Advisor works with clients that are starting or expanding their business on the eastside. Additionally, the advisor delivers training in conjunction with larger SAGE workshops and summits.