Client Success Stories

  • Siew_Pang_Sunshine_ Distributors

    Owner: Siew Pang

    Siew Pang’s leadership and confidence started at an early age. As the oldest of six siblings, her parents allowed her to follow her decisions. This foundation of being a self-starter caused her to become a serial entrepreneur, having opened her first business in 1994. She started her career with a small souvenir shop at the Mercado retail center in Downtown San Antonio and later expanded to a retail shop at the San Antonio International Airport. She and her husband, Walter, ran the shop in the airport until renovations caused them to close their doors. In 2007, Siew obtained Sunshine Distributors and has never looked back. The company offers a wide range of products to the healthcare and hospitality industries of the South Central Texas area. Products include linens, towels, janitorial supplies, cleaning products, hotel amenities, and uniforms as well as linens and amenities.

    After reviewing business operations, Siew knew that both the distributor and uniform sides of Sunshine needed to be upgraded drastically to keep up with changes in the industry. Siew began her long-term history with the UTSA Small Business Development Center in 2000. Business Advisor Mike Reyes has worked with Siew for over a decade. They have worked on the initial phases of loan packaging and approval, which resulted in the purchase of the business, to existing and future acquisitions. Siew also received assistance with financial planning, marketing, and human resources. Siew currently operates 2 facilities; the main distribution hub in Downtown San Antonio and an outlet on the northside of the city.

    The mantra of the business is “Have a Sunshine Day” which is present in the daily business operations. Siew hopes every interaction she has with customers or the community leaves things in a better light. The company is active in the community and offers scholarships to nurses, provides mentorships to other small businesses and is active in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organizations. Siew attended several small business workshops at the SBDC that gave her great insight on the benefits of technology and working through government contracts. Siew has participated in the Building Business Excellence Program offered by the SBDC twice and is active on the SBDC advisory board.

    “I recommend all small business owners to check out what the UTSA Small Business Development Center has to offer. Whether you are a new or seasoned business owner, the UTSA SBDC has a wide range of resources, networking events, and workshops to build your base or expand your knowledge.”

  • Anding

    Amanda and Matt Anding bring decades of experience helping buyers, builders and landowners protect their investment in their land. With years of hard work, planning and organizing, Amanda and Matt realized their dream and opened Anding Environmental on January 1st, 2016. As a licensed professional geologist, Matt brings over a decade of experience and Amanda has an extensive background in land use planning, development and management. Together, they bring expert knowledge of environmental due diligence to serve their local community and all of the great state of Texas by providing high quality Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and GIS Mapping Services at a fair price.

    They met with Business Advisor Larry New to complete their LLC formation and to discuss their marketing focus. Larry continues to be a source of advice and he anticipates many years of success ahead for Anding Environmental.

  • Capture

    Dani and Jesse Fuselier had researched buying a franchise for several years and decided that an Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt franchise was a good fit for their requirements of an affordable, financially stable and fun business. As luck would have it, an Orange Leaf franchise was for sale in New Braunfels so they expressed their interest in purchasing it.  Dani and Jesse knew they needed help with the business plan and financial forecasts so they contacted the UTSA Small Business Development Center satellite office in New Braunfels and met with the Center Manager and Business Advisor, Larry New. Larry helped develop their business plan and worked on the financial forecasts. Larry met with Dani soon after the purchase contract and financing was completed and Dani told him, “we couldn’t have done it without you!”
  • dane boyle3

    Owner Dane Boyle with Mary Shahan

    Dane Boyle’s passion is teaching and fitness. He has realized one of his purposes in life by opening Dane Boyle Fitness where his mission is to educate, motivate and empower lifelong healthy living. He opened the doors to his new studio on January 1st, 2016. After many years of personal training, coaching and motivational speaking, Dane now has a place of his own in New Braunfels to help inspire others to Maintain Healthy Living Every Day!

    Dane met with New Braunfels Business Advisor, Larry New and received assistance with financial advice and his business plan. They continue to work together to reach new levels of success.
  • Colt Site Sanitation Services

    Owner: Dwayne Gundy

    Dwayne Gundy had always wanted to own a business. After extensive research, he decided a porta potty rental business could be successful and meet his need for owning and building a small business of his own. Dwayne purchased a used pumper truck and 8 porta potties and opened Colt Site & Sanitation Services on November 1st of 2015. He has his porta potties at several well known venues like Gruene Hall and continues to grow the business while planning for his next phase of expansion.

    Dwayne has been working with Business Advisor, Larry New in New Braunfels. Larry helped Dwayne with budgeting and financial forecasts, business plan and commercial insurance. Dwayne and Larry continue to work together preparing for bigger and better things from Colt Site & Sanitation Services.

    “Mr. New was very helpful and always willing to go above and beyond when asked for guidance. He is very responsive to voice mail, emails and phone calls.”